The Nizhoni Institute

NIZHONI is a sacred Navajo word describing "the beauty way." NIZHONI offers a new form of spiritual education that allows people of all ages from around the world to discover their inner wisdom and bring it forth to teach, heal and lead.

Founded in 1989 by spiritual teacher, healer and author, Chris Griscom, NIZHONI is a holographic approach to education which helps us find our place in the world and see the interconnectedness of all experience and knowing.

The Nizhoni Institute teaches that all humans are innately spiritual, and that spirituality is the key to discovering our greatest gifts for ourselves and the world. At Nizhoni, spirituality is the voice of the Higher Self, the beauty of a flower, and the love of all humanity. This knowing allows us to embrace all religions and people, thus creating new possibilities and expressions of communication and education for our communities and our planet.

The Nizhoni Institute offers Global Initiatives through the Conscious Solutions projects: EcoSOS, Global Warming & Conscious Solutions, Global Blue Sky Challenge, and Global Rainforest Heritage Sites.   These Global Initiatives are a worldwide network of individuals using conscious focus and light energy to help bring balance and harmony to planetary situations which are in need of attention such as global warming, pollution, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, draughts, etc.  Nizhoni teachers and graduates are available for Exercises in Consciousness by telephone or in person, for individuals interested in strengthening their connection to the Higher Self and working on themes in their life. Various Higher Consciousness media projects have been produced by The Nizhoni Institute and additional projects are ongoing.


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