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Genetic Quickenings 2: Cosmic Citizenry

2019 Hubble space

The genetic evolution of Humanity is being taken to unprecedented octaves!

For more infomration about all of our Intensives and to register for an Intensive, contact The Light Institute at (505) 466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"We are not alone in the Universe & Chris Griscom is making sure we are prepared to meet our Cosmic neighbors--helping to evolve an advanced DNA for the next leap of Humanity..."  Excerpt from the LI 2019 January Newsletter

Our Cosmic Citizenry Intensives are designed to catapult the Evolution of Humanity, as each individual addresses their own personal evolution--integrating Cosmic frequencies into their daily lives to accelerate into Global & Cosmic living!

"As you move into each new level of cosmic awareness, you open so that you receive more and more."  --Excerpt from Chris Griscom March 2019 Message

All LI Intensives are directed by Chris Griscom, and include our private 4 day Cosmic Citizenry Multi-Incarnational Sessions and a Cranial with a LI Facilitator, Chats with Chris Griscom twice each day, and morning Meditations with Chris throughout the event.  During the Chats with Chris, she is assessing the energy of the group and setting the frequencies for the Incarnational Sessions.  Each Intensive is unique to the location--for instance: In Greece, Chris gives the morning meditations on a beach close to the exqusite Intensive hotel that overlooks the sea... We will be announcing our 2020 Schedule next month. Please contact us for more information about our powreful LI Intensives: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New! GALISTEO, NEW MEXICO 2019: Scroll Down!  We've added a final Cosmic Citizenry to our 2019 Schedule! (Our Complete 2019 Schedule is below to give you a glimpse of where we will be going in 2020--Greece & Kisslegg are already scheduled!!!).

GALISTEO, NEW MEXICO 2019: February 8-11 --It was BEYOND MAGICAL!!  Looking foward to seeing each of you again soon, at our Home! 

 LI new

SEDONA, ARIZONA 2019: February 24-March 1 (Cosmic Citizenry & New DNA activated!  On we go!!) 

Sedona blue  li intensives sedona 2  Sedona Landscape 

MAENNEDORF, SWITZERLAND 2019: May 18-23   (Cosmic Citizenry has taken flight in Europe!!  To all of you dear Soul Friends who joined us--you are truly brilliant Cosmic Citizens!  & Your new frequencies are rocking the World!!!)

 Boldern blue


 BoldernHotelLabyrinth    Boldernfoyer01webpage

KISSLEGG, GERMANY 2019: May 24-29    (WOW!!!  Cosmic Citizenry is in the Global ethers to stay!!  Thank you to all of you dear Soul Friends who have advanced our World--your Cosmic DNA is setting a template for all Humanity.)  We'll be in Kisslegg again for 2020--dates are set!!  May 8-13!

Kisslegghotel site

NAXOS, GREECE 2019: September 13-18 --This magical place on the Planet always draws us back--we'll be on Naxos again in 2020 for 2 back-to-back Intensives!  1st Naxos Intensiive September 10-15, 2nd Naxos Intensive September 15-20!!!  Attend one or both! 


GALISTEO, NEW MEXICO 2019: June 28-July 1

li intensives galisteo

GALISTEO, NEW MEXICO 2019: Yes!  Another one!   August 30-September 2

LI new

GALISTEO, NEW MEXICO 2019: And yes!!  Yet, another one!   November 22-25!  Our Final Cosmic Citizenry Intensive of 2019!  The most powerful set of Sessions every offered at The Light Institute, Cosmic Citizenry has lifted the vibration of our Planet & all Humanity.  The foundation has been set & this is just the beginning!  We're looking forward to seeing you in November!  & Then again in 2020--For Intensives that will launch the new decade & Humanity onto Universal horizons!!  1st Galisteo Intensive 2020! Feb 21-24!!

Nov 2018 Chris spin

 For more information about the next scheduled LI Intensive of 2019 and to register, please contact The Light Institute at (505) 466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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