Vera Andrade, Light Institute Facilitator


vera andradeI have been a Facilitator and a Cranial Therapist at The Light Institute for many years now. I have traveled all over the world, giving talks, organizing Intensives, giving multi-incarnational sessions and cranials. Every year, I organize an Intensive on a private beach in Rio de Janeiro. The Intensive includes the multi-incarnational work, developed by Chris Griscom, Exercises in Consciousness, Knowings classes with Chris and the incredible experiences of a sweat lodge and a firewalk. Chris Griscom is available for private consultations during these Intensives as well.

I love the work I do, and I feel totally connected to all that's really ALIVE and PULSING in the universe right now!!!

Our sessions are conducted in a four-day, three-hours per day format. The sessions are one-on-one and always focus on your current theme and the purpose of your life! During these sessions, you will contact parts of your being that you maybe weren't even aware of before, such as your Inner Child—the intuitive part of your soul—and your Higher Self—the most loving and knowing part of you, the megaphone of your Soul, as we say—and of course, the incredible wisdom of your body!

Vera AndradeWe carry, on a cellular level (in the very mind of our cells), physical, emotional and spiritual imprints that design our patterns and the way we react to the outside world. Some of these imprints come from very ancient times, cultures and religions. Most of them, we don't need to carry anymore in our lives! It works like this: a theme of fear, rage or guilt is not just a concept, it is in fact a living energy, due to old inherited memories, emotional imprints, etc. At The Light Institute, we use specific techniques, created by Chris, to identify where these imprints are located in our bodies and release them through frequencies of light, or colors! Since our bodies are made of atoms and atoms are made of light, it allows your entire body to shift from one level to another when you draw a particular color into your cells, changing the patterns and, therefore changing your way of being.

Multi-incarnational work allows us to shift our consciousness into a more creative state of dealing with life.

Let's be the creators of our lives!!!!! Join us!!!

I am available year-round for sessions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; New York City, NY, U.S.A.; & Portugal.

For more information, contact me (in English, French, Spanish and of course Portuguese) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: 5521 25230967.


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