Additional Theme Sessions

Through the advanced multi-incarnational work of The Light Institute, developed by world renowned spiritual teacher, Chris Griscom, you will be able to explore the following themes from the perspective of your Higher Self, your Divine essence, allowing for cellular clearing of the theme and an unequalled expansion of consciousness, which will open you to positive change—the true gift of spiritual evolution!



We have chosen our children and our parents to experience the most profound soul lessons of relationship. These familial ties can be changed and evolved to the highest octave by clearing incarnational contracts and old relationship patterns, which keep us from moving to new adventures of the soul.


As we move through life, our truest lesson is learning to relate, whether it be with humans, animals, environment, technology, or our own inner essence. We can learn to trust and relate with grace in all situations by clearing and resolving old relationship patterns, which no longer serve us—opening us up to successful relationships.


Sexuality is our birthright and a gift from Divinity. We can open the flow of this Divine, creative energy by releasing fears and inhibitions created through lifetimes of negative familial, cultural and global imprints. Once the positive power of our sexuality is released we can use this dynamic energy in all aspects of our life—manifestation, business, relationship, etc.!


We are already successful, we simply must remember it! Through multi-incarnational memories, we can explore experiences of magnificent successes and find the keys necessary for achieving those same octaves of success in our personal and professional lives. "What is really important is the grace with which you are successful." Chris Griscom


One of our greatest teaching arenas is business. By opening our consciousness to the multiple avenues available to us for success in the business environment, we can learn to wield our positive energy and mental clarity to develop a new octave of personal gain. Various subjects related to business include timing, improved relationships with co-workers and colleagues, intuition, and using synchronistic events to our advantage.


Our health is directly related to the spiritual. Through spiritual exploration we can explore any and all conversations related to health. We can clear away blockages and open the flow of Divine energy to create a body and mind of perfect health. We can regain our health through consciousness.


The DNA holds the foundation to our physical, emotional, and spiritual structure. Through the new technology of Psychogenetics, we can actually alter the DNA, genetically restructuring our bodies! We can release unwanted imprints whether physical, emotional or spiritual and replace them with new, more perfect designs of the highest octaves! We can also explore the DNA to answer such questions as the meaning of disease and the mechanism of inherited disease. With the most advanced spiritual work of our time, developed by Chris Griscom, we can access and wield the power of our DNA!


Phobias, and emotional fears and imbalances are directly related to multi-incarnational memories and experiences, which can be cleared through multi-incarnational session work.



With the power of your spiritual essence you can free yourself from the addictions of drugs and alcohol without guilt or blame—to begin a new life, connecting to your true self.


The multi-incarnational work of world renowned spiritual teacher, Chris Griscom, is the most advanced spiritual technology to ever grace our planet. People of all walks of life and of all ages come to The Light Institute to connect with their Divine essence and explore the depths of their Souls. Through this remarkable work you can access the power of your innate spirituality to change or enhance the circumstances of your life—whether they be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


Our greatest teacher is our own inner voice. At The Light Institute, you will connect to the purity of your inner voice, your Higher Self. You will also be able to explore life questions from the perspective of your Inner Child, Inner Male and Female and experience the balance created by truly listening to your innate wisdom within.

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