Pregnancy/Conscious Birth Sessions


Preparing Your Body

For the first time in the history of evolution, we have a technology of consciousness that allows us to peer into the very threads of genetic programming and pluck those negatively recorded imprints which cause our irrational or bodily fears of pregnancy that have been handed down to us. With conscious intention, we can release fear by simply switching our attention to the feelings, sights and smells the cells of our body have recorded of easy, natural births that are in our multi-incarnational repertoire.
Chris Griscom, Ocean Born

At The Light Institute, we offer multi-incarnational sessions to explore and clear inherited, as well as cellular memories carried from other lifetimes that keep us from fully experiencing the joy of the transformational experiences of conception, giving birth and parenting. Blockages that keep couples from conceiving a child are cleared, as well as fears around birthing and themes around the parent/child relationship. Before conceiving a child, one can also clear the spirit of the child, dissolving karmic patterns shared by parent and child which are sourced from other lifetimes.

Clearing the Child

Parents and children: we have chosen each other over and over, through many incarnations, playing out our karmic themes together. In other incarnations, parents and their children have also shared the roles of siblings, lovers, friends, and honorable adversaries, creating confusion and imbalances in their relationship to each other in this lifetime. We no longer have to “play out” these themes together. As parents, we can release emotional and physical inheritance, and shared patterns before the child is born or even conceived!!

Conscious Parenting

Our perception of parenting is mostly based upon our own experience of the parent/child relationship. We may carry fears about our capacity to be a loving parent if we felt unloved, separate or abandoned as children. The source of these imprints stem not only from this lifetime, but from other lifetimes in which the parent/child relationship was out of balance. We also inherit familial and cultural patterns and pass them to our own children. Becoming a parent allows us the opportunity for the self to grow in a multitude of ways. The Light Institute offers a set of 4-day multi-incarnational sessions to “Clear the Parents." These sessions are not only for those planning a family. By “Clearing the Parents," we can redefine our sense of self, our relationship to our parents, our partners and the world!

The Birthing of Consciousness

At The Light Institute, we offer intensives and multi-incarnational sessions to people of all ages and walks of life. Through these sessions you will rebirth your sense of self and your inner wisdom. We invite you to come explore and clear the themes of your choice, and to discover your true essence!

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