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Soul Lessons through the Body

In times of emotional or physical stress, how often have we looked to our doctors, mentors, parents, friends and spiritual teachers for the answers to our crisis? We look to the outside world, making it our authority. When the body is injured or ill, we sense that the body has somehow betrayed us. Throughout human history, we have not been taught that we can heal ourselves, which mirrors another perception, that we are not the wielders of our own destinies. Our bodies are our best friends, truly brilliant vehicles designed to embody and evolve the soul. A body out of balance is simply a wake up call. When we experience physical pain or illness in the body, we are triggered into primordial responses, feeling unsafe emotionally and/or physically.

Our emotional bodies become addicted to the biochemical responses created from emotional or physical imprints, because of the associations tethered to them. For example, the emotional body of a young child may make an association that when the physical body gets hurt, it will receive love or attention from the mother; therefore, the child will manifest experiences of physical accidents or illness in order to attain the love or attention that may be otherwise withheld by the mother. The child may conclude that “pain or illness equals love and without it, I am not lovable."

This is an example of using the body to get what one wants. As we continue to feed our emotional addictions in such ways, in time, the body can no longer bear the brunt of these patterns we have created. Because we don’t listen to our bodies, the cells begin to forget their purpose and manifest a disease that no mother can fix with love or attention. Our sense of self is so identified with these patterns that the only thing we know how to do is to keep looking for that special someone to heal us or love us.

At The Light Institute, people from all over the world come to re-connect to their bodies, learning energetic tools to open the pathways of communication to them. The body has it’s own intelligence. When we are ill or injured, we may not know what is happening, but the body knows exactly what is going on. For our bodies to begin to heal themselves, all we need to do is listen and participate with them. The body is waiting to show us the source of the patterns, themes and conditions imprinted in the mind of the cell that are ready to be released. It is also waiting to show us the brilliance of the Soul that inhabits it! Can you imagine that you have the wisdom to heal yourself? We have all experienced the mastery of healing in other lifetimes, mastery which is carried in our cellular memory, waiting to be activated.

We, at The Light Institute, send this message to you: You are your own healer. You are the best teacher. You, your Higher Self and your body are the ultimate authority!

For those with illness or disease, there is a set of Light Institute sessions called Soul Lessons Through the Body, offering the opportunity to explore and dissolve the themes around the illness by connecting with your body’s intelligence!

If you are ready to discover the healer within you, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a Facilitator of The Light Institute for more information.

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