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LI 2020 May Newsletter Excerpt


Dear Light Institute Soul Friends,

Each cell holds the whole, the story of its sojourn, the potential of its purpose. The mind of the cell is the concert of scribes, diligently recording all thought, all sight and sound, all perception. The atoms weave their dance of infinity, passing back and forth through the window of form to the formless. Every cell re-enacts creation as it becomes, itself, the designer of its own future.
--Excerpt from Chris Griscom June 3 Birthday Message 2020

…Once again, Happy Birthday, Chris Griscom, Mahatma (Great Soul).
You--are the Light that is always on for Humanity & our Planet.
Thank goodness!!!

Every day can be a birthday for all of us. Every day can be a day in which you bring something new, in which you birth yourself and your way in the world--in a new way.
Quote by Chris Griscom from her Global Echelon, May 29

Chirs Earth Day

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