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LI 2019 October Newsletter Excerpt


Dear Light Institute Soul Friends,

What makes us able to leave our mark on the world?
...Our vibrating frequency is higher and faster than ever before.
--Excerpts from Chris Griscom October Message 2019

The 2019 Cosmic Citizenry Intensive Multi-Incarnational Sessions have helped lift Humanity to such a level of vibrational frequency that we will all, each of us on Planet Earth, leave our "mark on this World!" A mark of love, light, laughter & infinite, caring grace...

Chris Griscom is offering one final Cosmic Citizenry Intensive.

People coming to The Light Institute have one thing in common: they want to know their inner selves and commune with their Higher Selves...They are longing to find a place in the world on a global level.
--Excerpt from Chris Griscom October Message 2019

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